Preventing gun violence one app at a time

Seeing a post via Instagram about a young girl asking her mother to buy her a different pair of shoes because her light up shoes that she currently wears would grab the attention of a school shooter really hit home. With the technology of today we should have ample amount of security for our youth getting an education without worrying about a school shooter at all. In the wake of the South Florida high school shooting last week some schools are now taking charge and creating apps that would prevent this strategy to repeat itself.


Safe2Tell Reporting Process (2).png

The “Say Something” program teaches students and teachers how to spot warning signs of a potential threat. According to the Sandy Hook Promise, “Say Something” 30 different school districts will be applying it to the on boarding process.


The App

The mobile app makes it easy and convenient to report threatening behaviors and safety concerns in Colorado. Safe2Tell is password protected and allows the reporter to upload pictures and video via the app while talking with two way dialogue to the dispatcher on the other end.

New App Announcement Facebook.png

We all need to watch each others back and this app will help us do just that while hopefully saving as many lives as possible.

Download the Safe2Tell Colorado App below: 

Talk2Tell Colorado App (Google Play) (App Store) 

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