Tour De French Toast : Metro Diner


From 1938, Jacksonville’s breakfast has been the spot to eat! I haven’t been alive that long so I couldn’t tell you how their French toast stacks up to today’s French toast but if it’s anything like what I’ve tasted from our visit to Saint Petersburg… oh man you’re in for a treat!

Saint Petersburg’s Metro Diner 

Walking into Metro Diner you feel as if you’re taken back in time with the old style diner. The smell of customers orders makes your hangry stomach worst than the hulk on a bad day. Even though it was packed, we received a seat very quickly. From choices ranges from breakfast, lunch or diner the possibilities were endless. Honestly I’m getting hungry just thinking about it as I write this..

Metro Diner’s Croissant French Toast



My rating of Metro Diner’s French toast is an absolute 10. Once I bit into the french toast my taste buds exploded with joy as the croissants crunchy edges and the soft middle of the bread mixed together to make a couple of tears come out of me. Overall if you love french toast but really want a twist on the classic way of making it then check out Metro Diner!

Next stop : Saint Augustine 

Thanks for visiting!



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