Hello Neo, The Return of Nokia’s Banana Phone

Nokia has announced the famous nostalgic banana phone. The not so LTE US band phone will come in two colors, traditional black from The Matrix and Banana Yellow. There’s nothing more rewarding than doing a physical action to end a conversation other than touching a button or even throwing your phone. Nokia’s 8110 4G will be able to answer and end calls the old fashion way by closing and opening your phone. Yes I know, very exhilarating!

The Matrix

With the cheap price tag of €79 ($97) don’t expect a brand new experience. The OS software will be an older model of Firefox. More of the apps that you’ll receive on The device will be the main apps that come stock on more of our basic smart phones.

The curved nostalgic spring loaded device will small pack a punch for consumers with a 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. 2MP rear camera, 4.1 Bluetooth, 2.4 inch inch display and 1500 mAh battery.

Nokia is making a great deal of phones for 2018 and the Banana phone will be a great tag along with the other devices in Nokia’s line up.

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