A Burrito Out Of This World

I’m just going to start of by saying that the picture that is featured for this post does not give this heavenly burrito justice by any means. When you first walk into Burrito Works you’re filled with an aroma that wont be out of your nose or mind for a good two weeks….trust me I’m going through this as I type.


When visiting Saint Augustine, Florida my fiancé and I strolled through Old Town which is located downtown of Saint Augustine which features a ton of History, Sights, Ghost tours and what else.. food!

Burrito works

Walking into Burrito Works Taco Shop I had no intentions of ordering anything other than a quesadilla. My fiancé calls me, Basic for it but hey, I love my quesadillas! As we wait in line I get smacked dead in the face with this amazing aroma and look down at the worker throwing a burrito down on the grill in front of me. Smelling what smelt like a cheesy heaven I was intrigued to try an UFO burrito. (Yes I know I’m trying to go vegan but slowly cutting off meat) I ordered mine Baja style. It’s a little spicy but it was amazing.

Biting into the already sliced burrito and hearing the crunch from the cheese on top and another crunch from the hard shell inside the burrito and the mixes of flavors and cheese and meat…Ok who’s hungry and wants to make a trip?! I did cry while eating this so if I was grading The UFO on a scale of 1-10, it would be a 20!



The atmosphere of Saint Augustine and Burrito works together made that experience one to remember and I look forward to heading back to Burrito Works Taco Shop for another tackle at an UFO maybe get it as a veggie burrito hmmm. We will see!

Make sure to check out Burrito Works Taco Shop in the link below:

Burrito Works Taco Shop ( MENU ) ( LOCATIONS )

Thanks for reading!

Any food suggestions are greatly appreciated, comment for more!

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