Best Deals For The Samsung S9

Samsung has been hard at work making sure you get the best deal for your new Galaxy S9. We uncover some of the best deals to date for the new flagship phone that will get you the best deal for your buck.



Verizon customers will be able to receive a new Samsung Galaxy S9 on Device Payment for $33.33/month(24) and for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Verizon customers will be paying $38.74/month(24). Everyone has their eyes open for the trade in promotions for up to…KEY WORDS people! UP TO, $350 off the S9 and S9+. Verizon goes off of a tier system when trading in phones. Older phones are $100 newer phones take up to $350 off your new device. The billing credit over 24 months will be applied after 2-3billing cycles of course so expect to pay normal price for the phones before reeling in the benefits of that trade in promo.

With a different carrier but still thinking of switching over to the big red V? Well Verizon has a $150 in a form of a prepaid MasterCard switcher promo that can be applied as a stacker for the S9/ S9+ promo to make your device payment even lower and getting up to $500 off your new device.



AT&T customers will be able to take advantage by paying the Device Payment route but instead of paying it over the span of 24 months you pay the phone off in a 30 month installment plan. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be $26.34/month(30) and the Galaxy S9+ will be $30.50/month(30).

AT&T is dishing out credits ranging from $200 to $350 trade in credit as well. If you have an older device that is worth more than $20, you’ll qualify for a trade in credit of $200 for your new device. Newer devices will trade in for a $300 credit and recently released devices of course get the $350 trade in credit towards the Samsung Galaxy S9. Plus if you’re switching from another carrier, AT&T offers a switcher promo that will allow you to boost your trade in promo for an extra $150 to make your full value $500 off the Galaxy S9 series devices.


Sprint will be offering a trade in promo for your new Samsung Galaxy S9 with,  you guessed it! Another trade in offer! Sprint offers device payments for an 18/month installment for the new devices with Sprint Flex. The trade in offer will be up to $350 which in turn would make the payments for the Samsung Galaxy S9 $13.55/month(18) and $18.55/month for the S9+.

When opening a new line with Sprint, you can get up to $150 prepaid Visa gift card. Not bad at all for Sprint!



T-mobile will be offering some mouth watering deals with the Samsung Galaxy S9, so don’t count them out just yet. T-mobile has the Samsung Galaxy S9’s at $30/month(24) but the Samsung Galaxy S9+ has a mandatory $120 Down Payment. We warned you!!!

As far as trade in deals with T-mobile the offers will range from $200 for older model trade ins and for newer model trade ins you’ll be getting $360 for your new Galaxy S9.


Tech Tasty Team



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