Face ID With New iPad Pro Models

It has been rumored that Apple will be announcing a new model of the iPad Pro’s at WWDC in June 2018 that include Face ID but no one really knows if the iPads will include a Notch or Not.  Following the iPhone X’s buttonless front face the new model iPads are rumored to do the same for a bigger screen area for the consumers liking. Mock iPad Pro’s have been popping up on the web since Zhang’s speculations for the new device.

Image Via: Twitter @VenyaGeskin1 / Reddit.com/user/C_G_

The new iPad’s are speculated to be announced early June in San Jose, California with a much higher price tag from latest model iPads out currently. We are intrigued for seeing what comes from Apple with these iPads and if they will be running IOS12 or not.

Zhang has also dropped a hug bomb of an iPhone X Red Edition that will be dropping soon apparently, so we have a lot to look forward from the next releases from Apple.

For more info on Apple at WWDC please stay around for more!


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