Order up for Dunkin’ Sticks

Dunkin’ Donuts has released their “French toast stick” styled donuts. At first glance they look pretty good… do of course I had to try them! Bring a napkin because the amount of cinnamon on these sticks are crazy. The ONE thing that these cinnamon flaked sticks are missing is some type of dipping icing! Maybe something to hope for in the future if you’re a … Continue reading Order up for Dunkin’ Sticks

Amazon’s Prime Day Is Upon Us!

Online retail giant Amazon has announced its Black Friday of July, Prime Day! It starts July 16th 12pm PT / 3pm EST and will run through July 17th. Amazon states that hundreds of emerging brands will unbox exclusive items, content and special edition products for Prime Members for a limited time. Some deals are starting now, like the Echo Show is $100 off, 25% off … Continue reading Amazon’s Prime Day Is Upon Us!

Instagram 4-Way Group Chats

Instagram has finally rolled out 4-way calling within the app. Combatting mostly Snapchat and FaceTime.. IG is showing that they will not be left behind. After the vertical IGTV launch, Instagram users have been reported to stay on the app from 40 min to 55min. The huge jump of time spent on the app gives businesses more of an incentive to incorporate Ads within the … Continue reading Instagram 4-Way Group Chats